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Thread: Gun Cabinet Alarm

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    Thumbs down Gun Cabinet Alarm

    My FLO came round today to check my security having informed the Firearms Dept I'd changed and moved my gun cabinet. It seems though, that today he suddenly realised I had 7 firearms and so was told I must fit an alarm. He didn't require any monitoring system just an internal alarm. Does this not mean if I'm asleep in bed and I get woken by the alarm that someone has now got my guns!!! A bit late then ain't it or am I missing something?
    Anyone else had this?

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    Not yet but it looks like I may soon

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    Why did you tell them that you had changed and moved your cabinet??


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    I thought I had to because I'd changed my security arrangements


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    Quote Originally Posted by Deerstalkermark View Post
    I thought I had to because I'd changed my security arrangements

    You do Mark. The feo needs to check it's secure, usually by trying to pull it off the wall, and they make notes about where it is.

    If your cabinet is in a cupboard this is a great piece of kit...

    Friedland Response MA7 Single Room Remote Controlled Motion and Entry Alarm: DIY Tools

    Set the alarm up in a far corner of the cupboard and hide the remote somewhere.
    It's the usual alarm set-up, you have 30 seconds after it's triggered to disarm it or it will scream it's head off.
    Good idea to let it do a bit of screaming when the feo does his inspection .


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    He did indeed try to pull it off the wall and thanks for the heads up on that alarm. He mentioned about a PAR alarm but it sounded expensive. I've ordered the one you suggested from Amazon 20 delivered. Amazing!!

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    I'm in my fourth county in 10 years and Dorset is the first I have been asked to notify the FLD if I move my cabinets.

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    Hi Mark

    Just remember to switch the pesky thing off before it goes off when you get up early to go stalking, or your lovely wife won't be amused! (Send her my regards!!)

    Are you sure the FLO meant PAR ---- not PIR?? When in bullsh*t mode they often get acronyms wrong.


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    No, in his defence it was my mistake. Good to hear from you Ian. I hope all is well with you and yours.


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    I purchased one of those magnetic doorframe alarms to keep my last FEO happy.

    It only goes off when the door opens. I think it was under a fiver delivered.

    Of course subsequently I have gone fully Police monitored on the house but that was my choice.
    Yes I should have taken the Blue Pill!

    We were so busy congratulating ourself of dodging Orwells vision we marched right into Huxley's.

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