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Thread: Practice with bad eye

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    Practice with bad eye

    Does anyone regularly practice with what would be considered there bad eye? Just asking as I got a piece of metal burned into my good eye on Monday and it got me thinking if I ever total lost sight in that eye I would be lost.

    Or even regularly use both left and right?

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    Hi David ,
    Very much doubt i could even hold / shoot using my other eye .....i am totally leftsided .But I know what you mean , someone we know lost an eye last year while he was strimming his grass......wife now insists i wear a pair of safety glasses when i do ours !
    Enjoy yourself's later than you think !!

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    I have Glaucoma and am blind on the left side but I still have the lower half of my right eyeball working.
    I can still shoot though and more than hold my own at stalkers rifle competitions.

    If I was fortunate enough to have a good left eye I would be converting myself to being a `leftie`.
    I used to compete at Club, National and International level in clay shooting and shot for the England team for two years.
    Having no driving licence has ruined my sporting life but I do get pleasure aggravating people on here !


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    Quote Originally Posted by davidm View Post
    Does anyone regularly practice with what would be considered there bad eye?....
    I used to practice with my air rifle left handed, but I haven't done that in a long time. I have fired a couple of shots with the 260 Rem left handed. Regards JCS

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    My other halfs dad lost his right eye to cancer a year or so back, since then he has been clay shooting with us a number of times and is doing very well adjusting to shooting from his left shoulder. My dad also lost his right eye to cancer but still used to come out with me using a .410 shooting bunnies round the farm - I think if it happens you learn quite quickly, especially if shooting is your passion
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    Aye, it is a case of having to make the best of it but unfortunately with Glaucoma you cannot buy a cure.
    I paid 2005 to have a cataract removed from the half-eyeball and that has been a help though.


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    My good eye is my left eye and i use it quite alot as long as i can get a steady rest i will use both. Many years ago i was trying to lean over a fence in to a different field the beast was up to my right and i could not get into a proper safe shooting position. I changed shoulders and bingo.

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    I wouldn't feel confident switching eyes but as has been said if it came to it I think I wouldn't be long and learning.. Also learn to pay more attention when welding

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    I'm right handed and right eye dominant but occasionally shoot left handed left eye. Done this from highseats occasionally when sat there and a deer appears to my right hand side it's easier and much less movement to shoot left handed. Never noticed any difference other than a bit slower acquiring target and getting steady, which is not usually an issue from highseats

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    I'm lefthanded but shoot right handed and right eye dominant, then perform a gralloch left handed as this comes up quit often when I shoot with other people they tend to get confused.will try it at the range next time I get the chance just to see how it goes.

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