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Thread: Sako Finnbear .270

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    Sako Finnbear .270

    Ok chaps what do we know about Sako Finnbear rifles, any good?

    All opinions gratefully considered before I part with grand childrens inheritance lol.

    Regards WB

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    Got one and it's great. Shoots very very well with factory ammo and superb with hand loads. A pussy cat to shoot,; with or without a moderator. Well made and very accurate.
    The action is very sought after for re -builds

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    Nice gun - I have the same model and calibre. It shoots very well and the stock fits quite well. My one gripe is that it isn't a lightweight rig. Good for recoil management, but tiring after a few days on the hill.

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    Have a mate with one, heavy but good, I have a BSA cf2, lighter and no problem with recoil.

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    Must have made a different model to mine, it ain't heavy, it's a sweet carrying rifle.
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    If the one you are looking at is in good nick, sleep soundly.

    Your biggest 'problem' will be once you've had one, very, very few factory rifles built since about 1994 will ever seem quite that good enough again!
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    I had one in 7mm rem mag, really accurate. It was a bit heavy but that made it easier to shoot. All in all a beautiful rig, and I can't remember why I sold it for the life of me............oh ya I forgot I'm a gunwhore

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    I've got two - a .270 and a 7mm Mag. I wouldn't get rid of them as they're just too good.

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