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    Not so new member

    Having registered second time round, I have seen the site before and contributed in a small way. My name is Tony Dalby-Welsh, I live in Somerset and I've been stalking for over 30 years at home and abroad and, as an accredited trophy measurer for CIC and Rowland Ward, can represent authoritatively, the UK CIC Trophy Commission. I'm happy to try and answer questions or queries on trophy measuring, but knowing how many stalkers are already very knowledgeable in their own right, do not expect many!

    I use a 25.06 or, changing barrel, a 30.06 and, with the debate beginning to grow on the subject of lead ammunition am interested in getting some non-lead bullets to load and try alongside my current choice of Nosler 120gr SPs.

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    Welcome to the site Tony,

    I am sure your contributions will be much appreciated.

    Good Luck


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