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Thread: management / feeding in bad weather.

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    management / feeding in bad weather.

    haveing the lease on a woodland block in the borders for approx 16 years, we have managed the deer and fed in the winter months. over the years this seems to have worked triplets seen many times and the deer are in good condition. our feed is wheat split corn in hoppers. deerlicks and liquid mollases. any guys out there do the same if so what feed works for you ps all feed is placed away from view.pps i am dealing with roe.

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    Here in North East Fife one of the local shooting guides puts out carrots by the pick up load for Roe deer.

    Roe deer here are making the most of the plentiful patches of unharvested grain left this year.

    If I thought Roe deer on the ground I manage looked as though they needed supplementary feeding I would be looking first at my management plan and increasing my cull figures not to the grain merchant.

    If you want to give them a helping hand I would suggest your money would be better spent improving the diversity of the habitat available to them and provide some sacrificial planting.

    All of that said though, they do love carrots and neeps.



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    thanks ben we have 4 clear fells with plenty off vegetation and lush rides ,it was more for the bad winters in heavy snow for the feed, the carrots seem a good idea ,

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    Sugar beets also work very well in the deep frosts here in Germany as the sugar content is high and the roe love it.

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    old bags of donkey carrots.....worked a treat last year.....must remember to do it this year!!

    That said they've been trying to help themselves from the pheasie feeders the cheekie bleeders! and that's those I put fences round!!

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    i am new to the fife area anyone know of any feed related suppliers .

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    Has anyone had any luck with getting the out of date carrots etc from a supermarket? I've never tried asking but am thinking about it.

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    rolled oats ,flaked maize , flaked peas,bruised barley and soya and some lamb pellets, add lib, in roe deer sized mangers set up put of the reach of pheasants ( they scratch out the feed looking for flaked maize) This as well as lifting the average body wieght of the roe, the calves are born heavier and have the opportunity ,if the density is about right , to progress without check into better animals than they would otherwise. feeding like this can also take pressure off the pheasant hoppers.
    If the habitat is generally good and there is no serious mineral deficiencies in the underlying soils the extra feed can allow bucks to improve antler quality, but the habitat /pop density has to be optimised.

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    thanks pitiliedon some years i obtained a few bags of rabbit/ hamster food we put them down and any deer that were shot were found to be feeding on this food and some of the contents of your reply were in the bags . just a pity its to DEER to buy. thanks for your reply.

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