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Thread: my easiest fox and an even easyer one

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    my easiest fox and an even easyer one

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    must be the easyest foxes il ever shoot . i was off out lamping on tuesday night with my mate . i went out into the garden to wait for him to pick me up it was his turn to drive. i had just made a knew call and wanted to practice a bit plus it was a fantastic cold clear night .
    i had also just purchased a knew hand torch of ebay which i flashed across the field at the back of my house . guess what was there yep charlie. in perfect timing my mate pulls up so gave him some manic flashing with the knew torch we lampa lot together so he sussed what was going on . 2 mins later a huge vixen great start to the night . 3houres later got home never seen another sign of foxy. next morning got up to take the dogs before droping the kids at school and i couldent believe my eyes. exactly where i dropped the vixen the night before ther was another one sniffing around blood stain quickly got the dogs back into the kennel and ran in for the gun . took me no more than 7to 8 mins climbed onto my shed roof and there she was squating taking a piss on her fallen friends grave bingo number 2. both shots 160 58 grain vmax out of my howa 243 . its made my week i dont mind if santa forgets me now. not sure if you can make out the size the night time vixen but she was huge.

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    Spot on mate. love it when things go right

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    Walked around an entire golf course last night looking for charlie... freezing cold and had forgotten ammo for my rimfire so had my .243 - chased a ******* over to the clubhouse where he sat in front of it and proceeded to take the p*ss out of me for the next 5 minutes... then ran around the patio of the clubhouse and off to safety so still no shot!... At least the dog got a walk!

    Well done on your fox

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    Two lovely looking foxes there chap well done.

    “Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”
    ― Criss Jami

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    i dont believe it going to the kids school panto and another one in the field. dont even think about is it what i heard fromthe passenger seat. spoke to a keeper mate he, had seven in the last couple of days. this cold snap has really got them on the move in this neck of the woods the earths will be getting cleaned out me thinks .

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    Nice going mate.

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