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Thread: Sauer 202 triger unit removal

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    Sauer 202 triger unit removal

    Can anyone advise me on how to remove the trigger unit from my Sauer 202,
    I have pushed out the two grabber roll pins that locate the unit in the action
    but it only drops down about a quarter of an inch but wont release completely,
    any ideas ? the reason I want to remove it is because the safety buttons go
    solid on very cold mornings and it cant be fired

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    are you planning to lubricate them with something that doesn't freeze?

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    No just ordinary gun oil , it may be there is corrosion in there causing it
    therfore the need to see whats happening

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    Did you manage to remove the trigger unit? I'm looking to get mine cerakoted, but he doesn't know how to remove it possible without any special tools?

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    just de-grease with lighter fuel or similar and then use the correct lubricant which will depend on the item, is it moving,is it under pressure and its material of manufacture normal oil or gun oil are not the way to go remember WD40 is a water displacing fluid not a release agent or lubricant

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    Did anybody complete this , I'm intrested asI want to swop my unit from one rifle to another which I use more than the other , better click on safety !!!
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    Just google Sauer 202 Exploded diagram and you should see how it all fits together. Have at some of mountain bike dry lubricants - non clogging etc. But a trigger should not need any lubrication - you need an element of friction to make it safe. Lighter fluid is very useful for cleaning.

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