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Thread: Hello from Bristol.

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    Hello from Bristol.

    Thoroughly enjoyed DSC1 with Paul Messenger / BDS in Hartland, North Devon a couple of years ago - great group of guys (and I don't think the one lady will be too upset to be included in that description). Stalking since then when I can find the time. Gradually building up contacts and opportunities in Glos / Wilts / Somerset area. Very keen to find some ground so I can get out & enjoy the fresh air - a real contrast to the day job - without having to plan too much in advance, which always a bit tricky.

    Plan to try to make contact with Hillbilly who seems to be fairly local.

    6.5 x 55 & .25-06 barrels for the Sauer and a .308 Steyr in the cabinet - but looking to change the Steyr soon. Do prefer a 2 stage trigger. A & S licensing bureau could not have been more helpful over the last 5 years and recently allowed me an open ticket on basis of the case I made rather than just time served. Make a sensible request and you get a sensible answer...

    As happy stalking does & hinds in the cold as fair weather bucks - and yes it was pi****g it down in the Lakes when went after a red....

    Can't promise to contribute to all of the debates but have learnt a lot over the last year following the forum.


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    Hi Doc,welcome.

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