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    Question New Eyes Please Santa

    Hate to admit it but I've come to the conclusion I need glasses when in the woods and not just at the PC.
    This was brought home forcibly recently when I stalked to within 25 Yards or a couple of roe and then put the binos away for the final approach. BIG mistake as what I thought was a side on head turn away from me proved to be directly at me when I peered through the scope!

    So a few question please for all you similarly challenged folk:

    1. What non-slip frames do you recommend for use in the woods or on the hill?
    2. Do you use Zeiss prescription lenses?
    3. Do you use prescription lenses with one of the accepted tints said to improve low light contrast? (Yellow being the best I'm told.)


    Ps: Apologies I had to use the Z word.

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    Why don't you give contact lenses try, I've been wearing the soft type lenses for about 20 years. I still wear glasses now and then, usually in the evenings, but I find contacts excellent and certainly better than glasses for stalking having tried both.

    Good luck



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    I been wearing soft contact lenses for over 20 years, and would say give it a go. I really couldn't get on with glasses, working outdoors in all weather.
    I put lenses in first thing as soon as I get up in the morning, and they stay in until I go to bed at night. All day, every day. Never had a spot of bother with them. At lambing time I'll even wear them more or less round the clock - just take them out, quick rinse, give the eyes a rest for an hour or so, then back in. Not really supposed to wear them for that long, but optician gives me a clean bill of health every time, and says whatever I'm doing clearly works, so carry on!

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    Soft contact lenses everytime, work outside no steamy glasses when you get into the truck. Thought about having them lasered but think i will stick with the contacts.

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