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Thread: .500 Nitro Express Doubles

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    .500 Nitro Express Doubles

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to buy a double rifle in this calibre, in order to do pretty much the only thing that you can do with it.

    It's too slow to shoot deer with in Scotland, but I do have permission to buy and zero one, which was the first hurdle. I don't plan to put a scope on it.

    I don't have the money to go and buy a sidelock from H&H, nor am I particularly interested in fancy engraving. What I am looking for is something nicely balanced, accurate, pointable and reliable that will definitely go bang when I need it to.

    There aren't many people who keep these in stock, but I would like to see a few before I buy one. I have no problem with buying a second hand one.

    So far I've been to H&H and liked what I saw, I've also looked at Kreighoff, Blaser (don't like the cocking lever), Merkel (interested), Heym (interested) and Beretta. I have spoken to Alex Dalgleish (Glasgow) but there is nothing on his web site at the moment.

    If anyone can recommend a gunsmith or shop that keeps some of these I'd be very interested to find out more. Somewhere in Scotland would be ideal.

    If anyone has relevant experience / knowledge in the area I'd appreciate you sharing it.



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    keep an eye on Holts auctions or even contact them and ask them to ring you when one comes up

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    Jm , try talking to Ivor , he specialises in Africa rifles , and he's a fantastic bloke to deal with .
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    For entry level try these perhaps.

    Sabatti Model 92 Basic: available in .45-70 Gov't. or 9.3x74mm, extractor rifle only, pistol-grip stock with cheekpiece, beavertail fore end, fiber optic sights front and rear, scope base included, case colored receiver with light game-scene engraving, regulated using Hornady ammunition. Priced at $2999.99.
    Sabatti Model 92 Deluxe: calibers offered are .450/.400 NE, .416 Rigby, .450 NE, .470 NE, .500 NE, ejector or extractor rifles available, pistol-grip stock with cheekpiece and with upgraded walnut, beavertail fore end, express sights on quarter rib with one standing leaf and two folding leaves, ramp-style front sight with brass bead, silver-finished receiver with bold scroll engraving, carved fences and a sculpted toplever, regulated using Hornady ammunition. Pricing: Extractor rifle $4999.99, ejector rifle $5499.99.
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    Thanks Guys,

    Will follow up on all three of these. Do any of you have experience with particular makes in similar calibres?

    Was just reading this article about Owain Lewis, makes you reflect on practising and getting your kit right.

    www africahunting com/latest-hunting-news/8269-zim-ph-killed-buffalo.html



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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    JohnHave you looked at these at all? Progress Serie 3 double rifles - Chapuis ArmesRegards JCS
    Ivor's a chapuis dealer and stockist

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    Go across to - whole sections on double rifles. Holts auction has a nice kreighoff in .470 for I think 6,000 an unsold lot from its recent auction. Certainly from what I have read, the German built double rifles seem to be an order of magnitude above the Italian. PH preferred double seems to be the k gun or a Heym.

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    You have set your mind on a rifle in a calibre that isn't exactly common in this country in fact there probably aren't that many dealers who deal in such things in the whole of the U.K. While double rifles are becoming more available here it is usually in boar calibres rather than calibres suitable for Africa. You will probably need to be prepared to travel if you want to get such a rifle.
    A couple of the places I would look is York Guns who are the importers for Chapuis, which are very good I have one but in 9.3x74r, and Roberts in London who claim to specialise in big game rifles.

    Have a look on you will be able to research Sabatti double rifles in the larger calibres. Unfortunately there seem to have been a number of issues with many in the African calibres which is a pity because Sabatti is a popular express rifle manufacturer in Europe.
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    (Lord. This takes me back to when I was a young man working at a gun shop in New Mexico. The owner had a 577 Nitro Express double rifle in shop and we took it out to shoot one afternoon. I was in love with it by the end of a few rounds of shooting but I never saw it again. I cleaned it back at the store, it went in the bosses office, and was sold that week. It was plain and built for business, but high quality and accurate. I never did know who made it. ~Muir)

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