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Thread: Civilised fixing

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    Civilised fixing

    Got a call from one of the farms I look after at 7pm on Saturday just as I was sitting down for tea the farmer had had 3 hens taken that afternoon . I didn't really fancy lampung but as the only option was x factor I said I'd be there within the hour. I left home at 7.35 10 minutes to the farm quick word with the farmer walked 50yds to the end of the building turned on the lamp and there is a big dog fox 50 yds away scratch I fox . I walked another 50 yds and started squeaking within 30 seconds another fox came running in 80yds scratch another fox .its only a small farm so called it a night back home by 8.15 farmer happy wife happy kids moaning as usual if it was that easy all the time I wouldn't do it!!!

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    You fixed it for the farmer then - result!

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    Should have been foxing. Damned auto spell !!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bogwelly View Post
    Should have been foxing. Damned auto spell !!!!!
    I guessed it might have been!

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