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Thread: Buttolo call for muntjac

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    Buttolo call for muntjac

    I have heard that the buttolo call can work for munties and now the cover is thick I have been trying it a bit more to give me a better chance of a shot but without any results. If anyone's had any sucess at calling them can you tell me which call you have used please, I have tried both the roe mating and terror calls but had no luck so far. Most of my land is relatively small patches of woodland (less than 5 acres) surrounded by fields, I was hoping they might call out onto the muntyways in the stewardship or to the edge of the wood but I have seen nothing but foxes so far.



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    Timing and patience is the key! You will probably have Muntjac looking at you through the cover and if you don't see them they will get bored with you and just sink back into the cover unseen! Buttolo works for me.

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    Buttollo can work very well but be patient! Roe mating calls or Roe terror calls are unlikely to attract Munties!!
    What you are trying to simulate is small squeaks of a Munty fawn for best results. I find two or three small squeaks and then wait. Repeat every couple of minutes. Munties will eventually 'stalk' very close to you! I also find it works best towards the middle of the day rather than normal stalking times.
    Because you are effectively immitating a fawn, you are more likely to attract a lactating mother than a buck! Make sure the Doe is alone!

    It does work for Bucks too though as they are naturally inquisitive.
    Good luck!

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    I go along with deer man and Monkey Spanker.

    I've called muntjac many times - the trick is to be patient, be vigilent, but also to expect them to appear from any direction. To me it's a bit like calling roe during the rut. Sometimes they will come charging in, yet other times they will sneak up on you with barely a sound.

    As an example, I was out with a French client a few weeks ago and I got him into a position with his back against a tree and the rifle up on the sticks. I then used the Buttolo call and we waited for 10 minutes or so during which nothing appeared. Deciding to move on, the client lifted the rifle off the sticks. We turned to go and the client touched me on the shoulder (with his sticks, not the rifle ).

    There, about 20 yards behind us, was a munty buck standing broadside on. He barked twice and disappeared. The moral of the story is that I messed up by not doing a 360 degree scan before we moved. More stupidly, I've had this happen before, all of which makes me question Darwin and his theory of evolution


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    If you do see a Muntjac and it sees you and gives you the one fingered salute you need to call as loud and aggressively as you can. This can stop it in its tracks and even bring it back to you. I have done this many times, it gives you the advantage of seeing the beast and assessing is it shootable!

    It does not always stop em but its worth a try. Do not over call and not shoot what you call or you will soon educate the resident population. This problem can be solved by shooting everything you call but you will undoubtedly shoot lactating does if you take this approach.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, I've been really patient and kept still for long periods but with no results, I'll definately give the fawn cry a go, i'd heard that they do come to the buttolo but had no idea what to try and imitate so you have really helped. I expect i'll have more confidence in it once i've had one come in to the call, i'll let you know once it's worked.

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