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Thread: Bullet not straight ?

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    Bullet not straight ?

    Wondering if anyone can help I was at the range shooting my 243 remi one of the bullet holes looked like it did not go in straight !! Any ideas ? Was shooting sako ammo and no mod ?

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    Was the shot in line with the rest of the group? If so might it just be the target tearing as the bullet hits instead of just punching a neat hole?

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    sounds like it was key holeing, did you notice any thing out of the ordinary when you fired or with the case after firing it
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    I was trying to zero the rifle but it was very windy, all the rest of the holes where fine! Never checked the case

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    was it commercial ammo or reloaded?
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    Don't panic just yet./

    If the paper was damp it can sometimes show what appears to be a possible keyhole shot, when in fact all it is, is that the paper has caught the bullet passing through and left a unusual shape.

    found this out a few times in the past.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1967spud View Post
    was it commercial ammo or reloaded?
    Factory ammo

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    What bullet weight/twist combination?
    heavy/long bullet and a slow twist may cause this but it'd likely be more frequent.

    As Bob said, could just be the paper.

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