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Thread: Hi all - From Chippenham!

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    Hi all - From Chippenham!

    Hallo there,

    Keen shooter.... 35, work on a private estate with farm land on the outskirts for a few pigeon.

    Not got a lot of guns but feel myself becoming a gun hoarder


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    Welcome to the site Ben there are a lot of good people on here with a lot of knowledge,

    Happy hunting

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    welcome ben not that far from you regards pete .

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    There are a few of us in Chippers, and some good pub meets.


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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Dougster.... Sounds like an idea.... I like pubs!

    Have had my licence for a while now, previously had a Tikka but sold it as never really used it and was taking up space.

    Am now looking to take both certs so I can stalk alone and am looking for a s/h .243 and the best place to go on the courses.

    Any help or advice will be most welcomed!!

    Best regards, Ben

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    Am looking at getting into stalking again and would be happy for any advice or help!

    Many thanks Roedinator!

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    Welcome. I'm not far either.

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    Hi Ben, im new to the site too and have just done my DSC1 with a geezer called David Stretton, he runs Donnington deer management and manages the herds on the donnington estate (suprise suprise). He took us newbies through everything that covered the course syllabus in a relaxed and laid back way, and his missus cooked us full on roast dinners every day which I felt was well beyond the call of duty but who was I to complain! Top course as far as I was concerned, Mr Stretton had loads of experience and was happy to share it all with us. he also makes all his own professional Gralloching and larder equipment.
    If your interested pm me and I will give you the contact details, by the way its up in the Derby area.

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