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Thread: Re usable Gel Handwarmers

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    Re usable Gel Handwarmers

    Has anyone got any of the above they can recomend, as I'm thinking of buying some? Thanks!

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    Unsure if these would keep warm for long .... I use a handwarmer, which uses charcoal sticks. Lasts for ages and it keeps your hands warm. There are petrol ones too, but I havnt used one of these so can't comment.


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    i use a peacock hand warmer very warm and it was around 14 pounds off flea bay and if you use panel wipe from a paint shop its cheap and clean burn i cant say anything about the gel warmers as i havnt used them ,atb wayne
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    I get 30 mins per click on these but as they cost peanuts and are rechargable by putting them in a pot of boiling water, I use 4 per evening on waiting for boar in a German winter in -10C conditions.
    Works for me.

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    lidl had them recently and they seem ok, don't know when they'll have them again though.

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    Yes they are good, but you need something to keep them in as it's incredibly easy to click the 'coin' inside and set them off in your pocket or pack. Many times I have reached for them only to find one of them has already gone off.

    The 1 ones are good too, but they are so slow to heat up that you need to activate them before you actually get cold. They fit in your gloves though unlike the gel ones which are a bit too big.


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    Peacock hand warmers are better by a long way ! Might be expensive to start with but better

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    I have a Peacock hand warmer but these days, for convenience, I tend to use the 'Little Hotties' single use, chemical hand warmers. I buy them from COSTCO for about 12 for forty packs of two. They last a good eight hours. They are handy to keep in your roe sack or stalking backpack thus being instantly available without the need for tins of smelly lighter fluid.

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