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    Left right left right

    My GWP often walks along moving first both left legs and then both right legs instead of diagonaly opposed legs. It does half look odd! I filmed her on my phone yesterday morning but can't upload it cause it says invalid file. Does anybody elses dog do this? Does it have a name?

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    Yes, my dog is called Merlin


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    I believe its called "pacing" and your right it does look odd, you want to see a horse do it, even funnier!

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    Thanks for that Doghound. She does walk normaly too but only about 20% of the time, when she does though she covers the ground at a faster rate.


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    Quote - Does anybody else's dog do this? Does it have a name?

    Ooops, sorry, early morning reply there.

    I have a GWP and can honestly say that he's never done this. And here he is proving it.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When horses do it its called gating and it looks pretty weird right enough

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    Our gsp bitch does it. tends to be when she is on a mission of some sort. quicker than a walk not as fast as a trot, but they'll cover bloody miles doing it.

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    Yes I have three, two do it occasionally and the third does it nearly all the time!!

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    For anybody who hasn't seen this before I've uploaded a video in my gallery with my GWP Macey giving a demonstration

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