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Thread: black ice

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    black ice

    Hi All, just went out side and its drizzling after a week of -4 looks like everywhere has been varnished, lethal under foot and on the roads, anyone else got it?

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    Nothing on the Isle of Man fella....Be careful mate, its back breaking stuff.


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    Heavy rain floods 40mph wind and you got it coming your way when we finnished with it.The only snow and ice is on the christmas cards .CORNWALL.

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    Yep, here in Derbyshire too. It's interesting outside. Minus 6 yesterday, never got above freezing and this morning every surface has a very non-stick feel about it. Not sure I'm gong to venture out.


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    It was the same here in north staffs, raining hard now for a change so it should be shifting now.

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    Last night was the first not to freeze for a while now, just wet and windy, just a had a walk round the lakes and they
    are now all ice free, mud everywhere and all lakes over the banks, farmer will not be impressed as it is flooding his already flooded fields.


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    3 degrees above zero here and pretty heavy rain and wind. At least the frost has gone now.

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