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Thread: worth the money

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    worth the money

    Hi all I've been offered a swarovski pv4-16x50 4a scope boxed on mint condition for 600 quid plus my 8x56 Schmidt this a good deal or too expensive ?

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    Probably a wee bit expensive. suppose it depends if its a dealer or a private seller and depends if your s&b is mint, boxed with papers.

    If its mint and boxed its should be worth 400 and a second hand pv is probably worth 700 at a push as its an older model. So i would think your paying a bit much IMO

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    too expensive.Prices above are about right.

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    S&b is mint but no papers or box . Swarovski is boxed and mint and it's from rfd

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    Even without box and papers it should still fetch 350 (that's private, rfd will sell for a lot more) I think your scope plus 350 would be more like it, maybe round it up to 400 seen a it's an rfd your buying from but I wouldn't go much higher than that.

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    got to agree with the your getting ripped off bit,

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    Spoke to the rfd and he reckons the swarovski is as new and I have to admit I agree and as mine has no turret caps I can't ask for strong money for it ....

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    Get new caps for s&b, if you contact tem they will probably send them foc. Find out how much the rfd is wanting for a cash sale. You could sell s&b private for 350 then you would be in a stronger position to haggle. But I think the the deal on the table is a bit crap IMO

    rfd will prob sell your s&b for 450-500 which effectively means he's getting 1100 for a 6+ year old scope.

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    Thanks for that ...he wants 900 quid for the pv ...if anyone hears of a similar mag swarovski at similar price in mint condition please pm me .cheers

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