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Thread: Growths on liver

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    Growths on liver

    Hi all

    I shot this Roe yesterday as soon as I opened it up I could see somthing was wrong.
    The white bits on the liver was inflated, very hard, large and full of fluid.
    Just taking it to the local abbatoir to see what they have to say.
    Will let you know.

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    Not the best picture - have you any more? Looking like fluke from the limited information

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    Is this one any more help ?
    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Just a guess, could it be Taenia hydatigena? All the best 1995rs

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    Not Taenia - too thick walled and not a clear fluid. It looks like bile and a thickened bile duct so Apaches thoughts on fluke are probably right. If you have any more photos, could I get some copies please for a talk I'm doing in January for the local deer group - on fluke.

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    Seen the meat inspector , apache was spot on with fluke.
    Quite common this time of year
    Buchan I will pop it in the freezer for you, just need sort how I can get it to you hope it is of some help.

    Your a long time dead..GET OUT THERE.

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    Due to this years high rainfall Liver Fluke is at an all time high. in some parts of the country.

    Here in North East Fife we have recently had unprecedented numbers of sheep die due to fluke.

    I have not seen any signs of fluke in any of the deer I have shot lately but I fear it is only a matter of time!

    I have heard of a couple of Roe carcasses being found with no apparent signs of injury or causes of death.

    Fluke could well have been the culprit!



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