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Thread: axe/or splitting maul

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    axe/or splitting maul

    Well ive got all my wood collected for next year its all cut into rounds some of them quite big'so its out with the axe an the maul and looking at some of the stuff ive got probably a wedge as well.doing ok ive got oak,sycamore,beech,ash.some birch 'some cherry and some scots pine just going to chop it an mix it up.what are you splitting yours with.stuart

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    Just a big axe.

    There is a technique to it.

    Don't bury the axe in the middle of a big round of timber. Work around the edges knocking smaller bit off, making it smaller all the time. Big knotty bits of beech and cherry can be very hard to split.

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    I use a little electric splitter. If I used an axe I would probably chop my foot off.

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    Bought a maul - it's rubbish compared to my axe, maybe I'm doing it wrong though lol!

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    30ton towable log splitter sod the axe

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    Maul every time, easy to use when you get used to them. They are not called a splitting maul for nothing. I would split the beach asap as it will go rock hard.
    Should keep you warm, and I'm not talking about when you burn it.

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    The trick with the maul is to hit the middle of the log but not the centre, you should hit the near edge so the head is only just into the log. That way you are effectively splitting from the corner where it's thinner rather than the middle where there is more grain to seperate.
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    Has anyone used one of the taper screw type splitters? - They look ok on the U-tube clips I've seen. Also does anyone know what power of electric motor is needed to make them work??


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    Get a wood grenade to use with a sledge hammer. Great bit of kit for a few quid (Screwfix 10).

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    Even my mates tractor driven splitter coughs a bit when you drop in a Hawthorn knotted bough!, but it burns the hottest of all.
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