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Thread: Wild Boar hunting in Latvia

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    Wild Boar hunting in Latvia

    I have just added a page on the Big Game Hunting on a great hunt we have yet to post on our website.
    995 for 3 days hunting, 5 animals per day per person, if not shot 150-200 refund.
    4 nights full board accom, not including any booze
    all transport in Latvia, permits etc.
    Free range wild boar hunting,
    And there are flights from Glasgow, London and Bham, last I looked into Latvia.

    Also what is very good is you are able to make part of the hunt Moose, Red stag etc.

    Have a look and let me know what you think!

    Bryan N.

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    Hi Bryan, that's quite an offer, is this hunt conducted in a fenced or an unfenced area? Just wondering as I've never seen a guarantee of 5 pigs a day per shooter before.

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    wild boar in Latvia

    no its not fenced, they harvest around 700 pieces per yr. What they say is wounded= a kill, 4 misses = kill.
    What very good about this part of Europe, there is very little hunting pressure.


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    pig hunting


    At that price I will be interested with the mad Italian Boghossain & his 375!

    I also feel sure that a few of our buddies would be up for a trip also!

    Strangly enough when I was abducted by aliens a few weeks ago now after a night out on the town- when I returend the next day I was fluent in Latvian & i'm sure some of these phrases could come in handy

    I'm not sure how that happened!

    Regs Lee

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    I would be interested in more details at that price also mate.

    What stage of the season is the hunt advertised due to take place?

    Lee, that's by no means completely improbable, I once woke from a night out with a crop circle in my chest hair!

    It still hasn't grown back properly 3 years later

    I theorize they landed on my chest and probed my brain through my nose, judging by the headache I had they may have in fact gang-probed me......



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    I'd also be interested in more details, depending on when the trip is.


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    Me too me too

    Definately up for it

    Be a shame to split up the three amigos hey adamant and grandhubert

    Looking forward to more details


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    Looks like a good deal, I wonder how much extra the trophy fees could be?

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    I'd need a bit more clarification but as it is in January I would certainly be interested.
    What site is this you are referring to, as the one you have not put it on yet?

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    Wild Boar in Latvia

    Had an email from Latvia this morning, they made a typing mistake on the boar, what they are saying that each group of 10 hunters will shoot 5 boar per day, not per person,(sorry) and if you don't they will refund 150.
    You can shoot any boar up to 2 years old with tusk less than 18 cm. as part of the package. Watch out for the Sows over 70kg, they want to keep them for breeding stock in the wild, penalty of 290
    Trophy fees are good:
    18.1-19 cm 140
    19.1-20 280
    20.1 and over 450
    There is wolf in the area, and if quoto allows you can hunt them for 390 this will require Cities.
    Send me you email details and I'll send the full program to you!

    Bryan N

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