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Thread: another shooting in the states, :(

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    another shooting in the states, :(

    ah the links not working

    not good i think 27 killed / very very sad.

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    Very very sad. What is the matter with some people.
    Deepest sympathy to the families & friends of all those involved

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    The current news seems unable to confirm anything specific and still speculating on numbers killed/ injured

    Tragic that innocent people get caught up in the indiscrimative rampages of loonies.

    As you say Bob truly sad

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by PointBlank View Post

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    Terrible news, but........
    I could have sworn I heard something on the radio yesterday (or maybe wednesday) about a shooting in the US


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    Truly terrible news !
    Deepest sympathy to all involved.

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    My thoughts are for the children and the family's of those effected, a sad day

    Will be interested on what transpires about the shooter.

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    Sad news for the people affectted !

    But also sad news for the american gun owner as this will give that BLACK CLOUD that lives in the BIG WHITE HOUSE more ammunition for gun restrictions !

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    America has finally had it"s Dunblane which was a shooting just waiting to happen there.
    Ease of gun availability in the USA combined with often a reactionary mentality against the system,laws,constitution (IMHO from the folks I met whileworking there) but as a rabid pistol shooter who has lost his sport in 1997 in the UK I can understand the groundswell of feeling which will come against easy gun ownership.
    Watch Obahmas reaction, he will have to do a knee jerk on this one.
    Incredibly sad. I cannot imagine what this must be like for the familys, my heartfelt grief goes out to them all.

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