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    right then guys what do you think is the best hight for your highseat do you think 12ft to the seat is too high ? i know some will say its all down to the terrain in a wood in a valley or on top of a hill . im just thinking about an all round hight thats ideal in all situations.

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    Ask mereside he builds some quality seats he must know the average height .

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    I have a couple ladder stands that are about 16 feet to the seat . Have a couple loc-ons that are about 20-24 feet . When I use my three climbing stands I may go as high as 35 feet depending on the tree and how many limbs I have to cut . Truly the higher I get generally the better I like it . Even when I still bow hunted I liked to get at least 25 feet up with the bow . I expect if I break down and get a crossbow for next year in Maryland for Sika I'll still aim to get at least 30 feet off the ground .
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    As I wrote the post above and this one I'm sitting about 24 feet up in a Loc-On tree stand .

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    IMO Surely height should be relevant to the location unless its a generic one size fits all seat then about 12 feet would do it.
    I have one seat that is only about 6 feet off the ground but shoots deer and allows me to see under tree limbs, any higher and my shooting range would be very restricted. Horses for courses.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6pt-sika View Post
    As I wrote the post above and this one I'm sitting about 24 feet up in a Loc-On tree stand .
    id need oxygen at that hight

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    Below is one of my contraptions made from a 12 foot ladder section and the top made of rough-sawn oak.
    I shot many Roe from it along the adjacent ride.

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    Young Roe on that ride.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt man View Post
    id need oxygen at that hight
    No it's a good sleeping height stand !

    LOL's !

    ALL of my stands are made such that I can sleep in them and not worry about falling out unless I am really trying to take a death jump on purpose .

    I dare say the majority of the deer I kill are shot from treestands when I'm atleast 27 feet up .

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    I never will forget the first 6 point Sika Stag I shot was in the 1999 early muzzleloading season In Maryland . A friend and I were hunting one of our club leases that morning and we were both about 20 feet off the ground which unto itself was not unusual . The unusual thing however is that were were less then 40 yards apart and we could not see each other !

    When I shot my Sika Stag he told me he was eating a granola bar and about choked on it because my shot scared the shyte outta him LOL's !

    The stag I shot was about 15 yards away when I fired and at the boom of the gun he sort of crumpled . I heard him walking in the water first and saw his reflection in the water before I actually saw him . He came down the same trail we took coming to our tree's that morning !
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