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Thread: British Muntjac Record?

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    British Muntjac Record?

    Hi All

    Does anybody know what the current CIC record is for Muntjac and what county it was shot in?



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    Hi Mate, the current UK Muntjac record is 79.9 CIC. Unfortunately, I can't remember where that one came from. UK number two is 79.5 CIC which came from Gloucestershire, UK number three is 78.3 CIC which came from Hampshire. The next one would be 77.3 CIC, then 76.8 and 76.6 unfortunately, I have no locations for them. Hope this helps? That gives you the figures of the top 6 in the UK.

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    Thanks K&A, where and when are they published each year?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1st Pattern Paul View Post
    Thanks K&A, where and when are they published each year?
    shooting times

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    I am not 100% sure but I think it was taken at Woburn, I seem to remember seeing it in their deer larder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by see it shoot it View Post
    shooting times
    What time of year do they print this edition. Sorry but I don't buy all the magazines.

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    There's a large amount of trophy animals that are taken in the uk by over seas clients that never get measured here so they don't end up in magazines
    I have seen some enormous muntjac and roe bucks taken over the years that never get measured officially as some people are just not interested in scores or medals
    i have as we talk two muntjac bucks here now ready to send to Denmark neither of them officially measured but both are around 16 cm so I am sure would easily go gold
    i also know of a keeper in Bedford who shoots maybe 50 muntjac a year just for meat most are head shot as he goes on his rounds , I have seen some of these in the game dealers van and have been left in awe at the size of them
    Like all animals that people claim to be the record there are many more much bigger that don't get the recognition they deserve
    Regards Andy

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