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Thread: Novice stalker looking for ground.

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    Novice stalker looking for ground.

    Ladies and Gents,

    I am looking for one recreational stalker to assist me with the management of roe deer on a small area of private forestry in Ayrshire.

    The ground is only approximately 200 acres but is prime roe habitat and holds a healthy resident population of deer . . . The surrounding area also holds a good head of roe and is very well managed by a small syndicate . . . . .

    I have access to a significant amount of ground right on my doorstep therefore this small pocket has only been very lightly shot over the last year. . . . This will need to increase in the future due to replanting.

    I am hoping to give someone new to stalking the opportunity of their first bit of ground, therefore if you’re an old hand with 10,000 acres please don’t apply.

    To be considered you must have, and be willing -

    To meet me personally and view the ground before a firm offer is made.
    Hold an open Section 1 FAC with a roe legal calibre {Scotland}.
    Currently hold DSC L1
    Have Insurance to the value of 10 million pounds.
    Be seeking your first bit of stalking ground.

    What I’m offering -
    12 months unaccompanied unlimited roe stalking starting from 1st Feb 2013 which may be extended.
    The opportunity to use the ground for L2 stalks if interested.
    You will keep the carcasses that you shoot.

    The price can be negotiable for the right person, as this is about giving someone new an opportunity, not ripping them off.

    Please PM me with a few details about yourself and we will take it from there.



    Offer closed, thanks to everyone who took the time to contacted me . . viewing being arranged for an SD member.
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    If only i was a bit closer, would have bitten your hand off!!

    Don't think you will have any problems filling that slot!!


    Alba gu brąth

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    Well done CADEX, that's a great offer! I hope those who go for this appreciate the level of trust it takes to make such an offer.

    all the best,


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    Some novice stalker is going to be happy this xmas! these offers don't seem to come up very often. Well done for offering it up

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    A great Christmas offer and more than likely a good leg up for someone just starting out! Bravo!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    Well done that man great offer for some one just hope u get the rite man

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    top man cadex very well done, you are a credit to the sport



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    You are a Gent indeed and a great offer to someone new, especially in these times of land grabbing and persons sometimes having to much land to manage on thier own.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    One of the best offers/opportunities I have seen on the SD. Well done Cadex...

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    I hope you get a new bie for this very good opportunities.
    Well done Cadex.

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