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    Hi All,

    My late father always said that the time to squeeze the trigger was when you exhale and your body was relaxed. A chap at work, ex military, said this was wrong and you should take a deep breath, hold it and squeeze?

    My question is which is right? or is it a case of providing you use the same method each time thats fine? I feel that the exhaled method is logically a better way as your body does relax - try it.

    What do you reckon?


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    Its all explained below but make your mind up and stick with one



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    That is a good link Dickie. An army pal of mine showed me years ago, then when I joined up I went through the same. Basically, breathe as normal, you can then exhale by an amount that you feel comfy with and release the shot.

    If you hold your breath with a lung full of air, you will begin to shake and the shot will not be as accurate as it could be.

    Also, if you are on the target properly and the body and rifle are aligned properly, when you breathe in and out the reticule should go staight up and down through the target. When the cross or dot comes through the target you stop breathing on the exhale and release the shot.

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    i really dont think it matters i breath in and hold which is regarded as wrong by many shooters but the groupings i can shoot are as good as the next person the key to breathing in and holding is not to take in a massive amount of air just a short half breath but if you think about it to much you WILL miss just do what ever comes naturaly to you and forget about everyone else

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    Having very recently just covered all this with the Army, I can tell you that they teach to release the shot as one has exhaled. There is a very slight lul between taking the next breath in and this is when the shot is to be released. We were very clearly told not to hold ones breath. The reasons are obvious!

    Hope this helps


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    Any shot should be released when the shooter is happy to do so, as only then will any shot be any good, breath held/exhaled/whatever, , Most telling shots are released on autopilot anyway, It's only the bad shot that you know is pulled before you hear the report.

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    I was taught in the cadets to breath and then squeeze as you exhale. If I am shooting targets then thats what I do. In the field to be honest if I am shooting off sticks its gun up, clear sight picture and bang all in one smooth flowing movement.

    I don't use the rifle sight to look at beast, to check for clear shot etc - that is done before with binoculars or naked eye.

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