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Thread: Petition against the KC.

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    Petition against the KC.

    For those of you that have your own working lines.


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    Petition against the KC.

    Bas, Thanks, have done. I saw this one a while ago then forgot all about it.
    Once again an organisation that is getting TOO BIG FOR ITS BOOTS.
    Did I read correctly, ONLY 800 SSIGNATURES SO FAR?

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    You can understand the logic behind it but it will just turn into an over priced sham.

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    How can an association that has recently been criticised for promoting cruel breeding practices possibly be considered to take on a role like this?



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    And I hope HMG listens to a petition for a change.
    It seems that in every walk of life some small-minded self-interested pressure group is trying to take over and rule the rest of us (DCS, Deer Initiative?).

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    Just signed it.

    I made a conscious decition years ago to boycott kc, I don't register any dogs and I shred any kc papers I get with new dogs.
    I breed with dogs that are proven workers and show a temperament that I like, this obviously has cost me financially over the years due to having reduced prices[I normally give away pups!!] but at least I can sleep at night , those high up in kc I hope don't.

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    done,like most kc club is just that, all my pointers have been bred from feild trial dogs,most kc champions could not smell their own backsides and some you could get a saddle on,cheers basil for pointing it out,regards Tony,,

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