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    'Gday all

    I stumbled on this site after searching for plans to build a wooden high seat. I liked what I saw and signed up. I now live in Suffolk after spending many years in Australia. I did my DSC l last year and hope to go on a few stalking outings in the near future. I like Kimber rifles - current calibers .22, .223, and 308 and Beretta shotguns - current calibers 20g, and 12g. I have a little land to shoot over hence the search for high seat plans. I own a Whippet who is now getting on in years and plan on getting a German Wire Haired Pointer in a couple of years or so.
    Regards Kimberman
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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome from another Suffolk resident, where abouts are you?

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    Hello deerstalker.308 - I'm just outside Stowmarket - looks like you are a .308 man also.

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    after 15 years of owning whippets i too bought a GWP very different dogs but now I have a dog that likes being walked when its raining.

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    Did you find any high-seat plans?

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    My whippet is about 12 years old now - I brought him back from Australia with me a couple of years ago (his air ticket cost more than mine) - he's a wonderful dog but lacks the retrieving instinct and doesn't like the rain or cold - I've heard great reports about the GWP and reckon he will fit the bill for my next dog.

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    Hello Triffid
    I found a couple of plans, one from BASC and the other from The Shooting Times. I like the one from T.S.T. best as it is more rustic looking and will blend into the environment better - will get onto it when I get a bit of time.

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