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Thread: what rangefinder

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    what rangefinder

    Hello all.

    I am in the market for a new rangefinder I am looking at a swaro 8-30 and a leica rangemaster 1600. So what do ye think of these two the good points and the negitave I think the swaro are nice to look trough but are very big compared to the leica. Look forward to hearing the replies Thanks.


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    I have a Leica that I bought secondhand from Norseman on SD. It is truly pocket sized and an excellent piece of kit. I am very pleased with it. I saw one of my friends use a Swaro, which was very small too. He even managed to get a reading off of a Buzzard that was circling at considerable height above us. They are both very good. The compact size is a real boon as they can so easily be carried in a pocket.

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    Leica or zeiss for me! had a Leica for years now absolutely faultless!nice pin point aiming spot which is good for accurate ranging. zeiss seem to be better in the low light i find though

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    I have an older Leica and like it, but at the Midland Fair this year I looked at both the Zeiss and Swaro.
    The Zeiss is impressive, and never failed to ping anything within 1150 yards of the Zeiss stand.
    The Swaro felt and looked better to me, but failed to range many of the same thing the Zeiss and had
    no trouble with, and the Swaro stand was around 200 yards close to some of them.
    I still have my Leica, and to be honest I won't change for as long as it keeps working, when I
    do have to it will be for the Zeiss, unless something better comes out.


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    Often looked at Rangefinders but never found any with an adjustable brightness reticule. Well I did see one but I didn't like the price!

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    Go with the leica you wont regret it,much more compact!

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    I have had both the Leica CRF1600 and the Swarovski. They are both very good rangefinders and will both range a very long way (over 1900 yards in the right conditions where its not too sunny and if you can keep a steady hand). For me the Swarovski has far too big an aiming circle and the unit is quite a chunk, not only that but the beam divergence is bigger on the Swarovski which means it will give more false readings to things like rises in the field where the target is beyond, i know this is more likely to happen at longer distances but for the money it should have a tighter beam divergence. Personally the Leica wins hands down, its accurate, small and to be honest the built in ballistic program is very good if you have a closely matching load (i would'nt rely on it myself as i would rather use a dedicated program but its not bad when you cross reference the figures). Not only is the Leica better but its cheaper too.
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    Thanks for all the replys I have decided to go with the leica will let ye know how I get on with it thanks

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    Shoulda went Opticron bud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rake Aboot View Post
    Shoulda went Opticron bud
    Opticron? Great if you are ranging things at close quarters but that sort of defeats the object. Comparing an Opticron rangefinder with a Leica CRF1600 is like comparing a VW Golf and a Ferrari Enzo! Stick with your Leica choice you will never need another.

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