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Thread: Made It!!

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    Made It!!

    Having never set myself any target I found myself with 90 foxes by November. The tonne was then a prospect!! More over all my mates were saying I should go for it and how could I possible fail?!?! Well that was easy to answer, in spite of going out at least once a week I didnt shoot a fox in 4 months a few years back
    I was also away for 2 weeks in early November and then Xmas and family duties would loom late December. November was very quiet and I only managed 1. Then, during the floods I managed 6 in 1 night!! Now it was really on.
    Last Saturday I got a single on a farm on the moors edge so that was extra meaningful as well as sneaking me to within 1. At this point the weather went to crud. We had frosts which would have meant I could run on the ground finally but then it came with fog which finally gave way to torrential rain again
    So the plan was to go out last night and potentially visit 5 small permissions, 3 of which have had a fox seen on them although all were thought to be pretty cute.
    The first was an early visit at 6pm to a farm where the farmer reckoned he had a Monster dog fox taking food he was putting out for other wildlife and he wanted rid. A quick lap of the farm track with the lamp revelaed nothing so I stopped for a chat with the farmer. A second lap and still nothing so I opted to park up in 3 different vantage points to call. The farm is only 400 acres so that should cover it.
    The first position was blank. The second position seemed to be heading the same way when i scanned down by a stream with the NV. There was a fox trotting along, away from me but crossing. I dont know where he came from but he wasnt for staying. A squeak got no reaction, a whistle had the same effect. I was desperate as this could be my chance and I really wanted to get this monkey off my back. So I bellowed "OI". He stopped. The shot went down with the 5mm and a resounding thud came back. I could see him laid in the headland yoppo
    208m on the rangefinder. I collected him and he was a solid lump of a fox, not very tall or long but very solid. Once back at the car I got the shakes
    Clearly I had been feeling the pressure. I am well chuffed and feel like I can relax a bit now.
    I did go on to the next permission but it was a quagmire. My enthusiasm waned and although we saw a fox it was the other side of a flood. So still some work to do but for now I am at ease.

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    Well done. Only thing is how much pressure you going to be under next year to beat this year lol


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    Well done! I had another 2 last night - a large dog fox and a huge dog fox!

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    Never felt the need to make "Numbers" when foxing, or chase "Heads" when stalking, but you have certainly put the effort in bud, which is what counts round here.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Cracking tally for the year mate

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