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    As a few of you will know I have a leg in plaster after an operation, and I am bored to tears, last night I was watching Merlin on the box and Arthur and Merlin were in the forest looking for signs of who had killed some of there people when they found a snapped branch and were discusing what had broken it.
    Merlin said "It is something big with antlers" and Arther replied "how do you know that" Merlin replied "there it is" and up came a picture of a Sika Stag.
    I think a century or two to early.

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    Yeah. It's like watching John Wayne in "The Searchers" and he comes home from the Civil War carrying a 1873 Colt and a 1892 Winchester.~Muir

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    I can sympathise Sikadog, but at least you have been treated and i hope are on the mend. I snapped my main ligament in my left shoulder 6 weeks ago which needs an operation to be re-joined and i have still not seen a consultant to get on the waiting list and will have 2-3 months recouperating after the op. My season is stuffed good and proper i managed one go at the Wildfowl before injury and a couple of weeks ago managed to pass my DSC1 shooting test thanks to a very good instructor at South Ayrshire Stalking.

    As for Merlin the program is set at least 800 years later than it was posssible for such a king to exist.

    Sorry about the rant but as i am sure you can appreciate not being able to do what you want is a tad frustrating.

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    Keith, Leon know you'll be travelling Douglas Bader style, with one leg out the window?
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Bringing the trailer Steve, three of us can load/unload him I reckon

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