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Thread: Walked up grouse or similar

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    Walked up grouse or similar

    Hi, I am up in dalwhinnie between 22nd and 29th December for a Xmas break with the misses and out GSP bitch and was wondering if any if you guys up north in the highlands would be up for us trying out bitch on the heather. Thanks rich.

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    The season ended on 10th Dec. It does so every year !

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    you could work them for Woodcock

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    Just because their out of season doesn't mean you cant go out on the moor to try them out on grouse just means you cant shoot them

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    Thanks guys, I wouldn't be shooting anyway. Just wanted to know if there was anyone in the area I'm going so I could possibly go out for a couple hours. Woodcock, pheasant anything really just to get some work for the dog. Been beating a pheasant shoot in Wales but the cover is to thick for my bitch. ��

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    I would think that even if legal they would by now be too wild to satisfactorily walk up?

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    I would think wild or not they would sit tight enough.

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    There is a couple off very good moors near to there, but i would doubt the keepers would really want anyone on the ground, i know 1 moor had quite a few days this year and shot well considering the poor spring/summer weather and they will be wanting some peace and quiet for the grouse to try and regain condition afore pairing up and breeding. Also not a lot of food up on the tops (and fairly steep exposed area so shortish heather) so will not want birds disturbed if poss to conserve their energy and let they stay in wot ever shelter they've found.
    The estate also has a lowland shoot so the keepers will probaly either be looking forward to a few days off with feet up or more likely the grouse boys will have a few days purely on vermin when they dinae have to go beating elsewhere

    I think wot enfield spares is meaning is generally after grouse have been driven, shot at the don't sit very tight at all and it can be a real struggle to either walk them up or for a dog to 'hold' on point and flush, they generally flush miles in front, even when driving they tend to 'pack up' into large packs of hundreds of birds (depending on grouse numbers/density). Come mid sept onward grouse are as fly as f**k and really are as wild as the hills and ken every trick possible to avoid flying throu butts or generally being shot at.

    Sorry i cannae be more help and for being negative but i doubt any keeper would really want anyone on there ground needleessly disturbing birds and esp so upland bids as they have it hard enough on the hills

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    Some good points there countryboy, I'll stay we'll away from them. Just gave to try and get up there when the season starts up.

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