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Thread: collecting blood

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    Question collecting blood

    Today I was fortunate to collect my 1st blood for training. Although it was a chest shot I still bled the beast. Before I used the knife I put my collecting beaker below to collect any blood. I managed to get a fair bit but by the time I opened my small bottle and went yo pour in the blood had started to clot. I mamaged a bit more from inside after the gralloch, but I lost a fair bit with clotting. Can anybody give me pointers to get the most from a beast.


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    the last one i did was a high neck shot i then went in quick sharp and bled the animal into a tub it seemed to work well,atb wayne
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    Push the clots through muslin to remove the fibrin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deer man View Post
    Push the clots through muslin to remove the fibrin.
    Cheers Ive just been told a similar trick but with a sieve.


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    The muslin is much finer than a sieve. You could line the sieve with muslin. This makes the job easier as you can have a large bowl underneath to catch the blood.

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    collect the lot in to a bottle using a small bottle with the bottom cut off, so that you can funnel it better. Then use a hand blender to mix the lot up clot's as well.
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    You could always add some anticoagulant to your collection vessel. 3.8% Sodium citrate will work at the rate of 100ml to a litre of blood. (dissolve 3.8g in 100l water)

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    You should not add anything to blood that will be used for training a dog to track.

    Out of interest, just how much did you manage to collect?

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    just to say the same as jamross, no need to add anything, just filter, and freeze what you not going to use.

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    I've just been collecting the stuff from the chest cavity - not really bled it much, then gralloched it with the animal lying on it's back. You can then either dip the bottle in or lift one end and hold the bottle over where it escapes.

    Then I've been mixing it with the same amount of water, and freezing it in ice cube trays - put it in a stocking and hold it with your hand and it will start to drip depending on how warm it is.

    Now my pup's following trails without blood, I just put a few drops at the start of the trail and a big amount at the end (near the pelt) to simulate an actual trail.

    Probably all wrong but I'm not going to compete with him or anythin, just want him to be OK at helping me find deer!

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