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Thread: iphone 4s black with box, papers, leads, case cover - excellent condition unlocked

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    iphone 4s black with box, papers, leads, case cover - excellent condition unlocked

    I have a mint Iphone 4s 16GB, all the usual paperwork, leads etc
    It is black with a hard cover, no scratches.
    Factory reset and unlocked.

    Will ship in time for christmas

    £350 RMSD

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    open to offers as I missed sticking it on ebay before christmas

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    hi could you post some photos of this phone with it switched on and has the phone ever been jailbroken? how old is it and is it on the latest software?

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    as from factory, never jailbroken, software updated as per itunes reminders

    its on eBay now I will end it and have been offered £320 by one of the bidders so assume they are willing to go that far on eBay

    happy to end early if someone doesnt want to get sniped or waste money bidding

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    hi, what's your best price?

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    its at £230 now with 37 watchers so I will be very surprised if it doesn't get £350 by itself

    but eBay cost money so if I got a firm £325 posted without fees I would take it.
    would need to know sharpish though as it ends at 3.28pm tomorrow


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    Blimey they're still worth a fair bit then?!! Have you got the 5 now?

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    just got a new one

    This one ended but the idiot who bid has messed me around with paypal etc so I will have to relist it

    still for sale

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    slimmer than the old but not sure of the main differences
    bling and marketing hype IMO!

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