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Best grouping at 300M

I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a fun shoot. My thought was to shoot it just as if you were stalking and got a prone shot at a deer from 100 yards. If you don't have land suitable for a 100 yard range or have to shoot from a high seat then just go for what ever range you can or shoot from your high seat as the intention is for this to be a bit of fun.

So, you put a 1 inch dot on a white bit of paper and put it up as near 100 yards as you can and shoot it with your stalking rifle, your stalking ammo, your scope magnification set as normal for stalking, your normal stalking zero and preferably lying in a wet ditch in the dark with the rain running down your neck You shoot prone with a bipod as a maximum (i.e. you can shoot standing from sticks if you want but the most support you are allowed is prone with bipod, no bags or other gubbins) and you fire only 3 shots with the intention of hitting the black "bulls eye" with all three. A small group counts for nothing unless it is on the bulls eye. You make no other marks on the target as deer don't have aiming points on them that account for your rifle being zeroed at a distance different to the one between you and them. Those people zeroed at 100 will, of course, have a much easier time of it but maybe next time around we will change the distance if there is interest. Dialling the distance on your scope, if it isn't normally set to 100 yards, is a little against the spirit of the thing but on the other hand it is something you might normally do when stalking so I guess you can do it if you insist, but please say you've done it. You are only allowed to shoot three shots at ONE target, so no practise runs or re-starts because you pulled a shot, or there was a gust of wind or...

Of course feel free to shoot a different load or rifle at another target but the again only the first 3 shots at the target count and you must post each target that you shot on the day i.e. if you shot two different rifles then you post the first target, with 3 shots on it, you shoot with each rifle. No cheating.

Then you photograph your target and post it on the forum along with details of range, rifle, scope, zero distance, ammo, load or anything else you feel might be of interest or relevant. No one will laugh at you because I intend to shoot my target on Tuesday and so they will all be laughing at me. If I get really lucky I'm hopeful that some of my shots will be within 3 inches of the black dot and I'm buying a wide angle lens so I can get the black dot and all 3 bullet holes in shot at the same time.

The test is to see how the first three shots from your standard stalking setup, fired from a common stalking position will group and also how accurate they will be so play within the spirit of the thing and we should all have fun.

So, is anyone else game to give it a go?