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Thread: Harkila Pro hunter jacket

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    Harkila Pro hunter jacket

    As the title say's I'm thinking of getting one of there jackets and would like some opinion's from people who use them.

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    Quality. Had mine for a few years now and absolutely no complaints.

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    As above had mine a couple of years as well and have had no complaints,you pays your money and take your chances.I dont use mine on the hill
    i think its a bit bulky and heavy for that,but on the real coldest and wetest days its the nuts!

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    Very warm and dry i often only wear a tee shirt or just a shirt underneath if im just walking around stalking, the only time i get a bit cold is if im up a highseat or standing about and thats just the back realy as thers not so many layers. A bit on the warm side in milder weather too, wouldn't be without mine.

    Atb Matt

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    I'm happy with mine, expensive but does what it is supposed to.

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    My Harkila pro hunter jacket is very good and ive been out in it, in some real fowl weather and its been great! Now not so impressed with the trousers they let the wet and as for the boots well there rubbish fallen apart and let the wet not even a year old!

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    I have a full suit, my jacket started allowing a small amount of damp through around the shoulders in heavy rain! il be honest i dont wash my gear much so gave it a wash and a good tumble dry (tumble drying reenergises the gore tex material) and its been perfect since! I was recommended nikwax but tried wash and tumble dry and that has worked for me!

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    As above ! use mine for fishing and stalking ! Smart enought to go out in had it over 5 years would buy another if i had too.

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    I have both and to be honest the jacket is good but the trousers let wet in about the knees on mine. I personally think the are over priced and wouldn't buy another set as there is so much other stuff out there a good bit cheaper which would be just as good (particularly since Harkila never seem to be in the sales), and not as emotional if you rip them on wire or whatever .

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    Have had one for a couple of years and I use it every day bar summer as it's too hot!! highly recommended.
    Sauer 202 in 243 and 308/Ruger 22-10/Sako Trg-22 and lots of 12g

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