I belong to a little one field skeet club about an hours drive from my home . We have maybe 35 members and only about a dozen that shoot semi regularly .

Anyway the last wednesday before Xmas I go down and cook venison backstrap fillets with onions , green peppers and mushrooms .

I normally slice the backstraps across the grain about 1/2 an inch thisk remove any and all gristle , fat or silverskin . Put them in a container with my home made Italian salad dressing and let sit in the frig 24-72 hours .

Take them to the club uncooked of course and take a propane camp stove with two large frying pans on top and a fairly amount of virgin olive oil . One pan has the deer and the other has onions , peppers and mushrooms . Cook the meat to medium rare or light medium and cook the veggies until they are soft !

Served with the venison on top and a couple loaves of Italian bread !

Never ever do i have any left over LOL's !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !