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Thread: Wirehaired Viszla

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    Wirehaired Viszla

    I have had Short haired Viszlas in the past but haven't used them as deer dogs.
    As said in previous posts I've used most other breeds [labs,whp,gsp,teckels,terriers and even a Norwegian grey]

    Are any of you using WHV's and how are you getting on with them, temperament etc., are there any traits you should look for?

    A pal of mine has a litter coming soon and due to having to put my lab down last month [prematurely] I'm on the look out for a replacement.
    My pals bitch is an excellent wee dog and I would have her in a shot but it would be great to get some input , even if it's just used to lever my wife into paying that wee bit extra!!!!!

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    Mudman has one, have a chat with him, I am going to get one in a couple of years.
    They (imo) are the ideal allrounder.


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    Here is a picture of my 7 month old HWV. Very good dogs only too willing to please and very quick learners. In my opinion these dogs are worth every penny. Book one from your friend asap!!

    Regards Steve

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    I think the picture did the trick!!!!!

    My pals wee bitch has the same traits as the shorthairs I've had in the past, loyal, wanting to please, a bit huffy if given into trouble but easy to handle and train. .

    I will probably keep the next dog in the house, any bad experiences ??

    I'm looking for an all round dog , in the past my hpr's have only filled 1 job ie deer or grouse, I've always kept a kennel full of dogs so each dog has been quite specialised.

    I think a couple of visits once the pups are born will seal the bid!!!!!

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    Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla

    I would'nt hesitate. Had my current bitch 8 and a half years and probably the best temperament of any dog I have owned (over 40 years of working dog ownership). This breed almost trains itself both at home and in the field Very adaptable too, I use my bitch (Kira) for falconry and stalking and she does both exceptionally well. She will retreive but due to the falconry I dicourage her. I fully intend to continue with this breed and I would like to see more bred in this country (not so easy to get a pup). Good luck in your venture and I for one would be gratly interested in how you get on.[/img]

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    I got mine when he was nearly five years old and I use him for everything from wildfowling on the foreshore to deer stalking. Fantastic temperament, great in the house, really strong hunting and retrieving instinct.

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