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Thread: Drinks chiller problems

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    Drinks chiller problems

    I picked up a cheap (free!) full height, glass doored drinks chiller a couple of weeks ago. Fan was running but not getting cold. Had a local chap out who tested for leaks (none) and regassed. I ran it for a week, turned it off for a week as not needed, turned back on and same problem so guessing it needs regassing again. Clearly not realistic to do this every time I need it and reckon it must have a leak so will prob just scrap it, which I'm hacked off about as cost 90 in call out an valve/gas etc to sort.

    Chap who did the work is coming back to take another look but is basically saying there is no leak and it's my fault for not running it none stop... Any truth? My mate's got similar and he just turns it on on demand. I don't need it full time, maybe a couple of times a month at the minute, but when I want it I need it to be reliable.

    Any thoughts from those who know about these things??

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    sytems are sealed whether they are on or off, if the gas has leaked out this can easily be detected with the correct kit, leaving it on or off does not make any difference, if it has lost its gas in a week it should be easy enough to find, it could be another fault so dont argue with the guy let him look at the unit, it wont be the first time that i have found other faults after repairing units


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    Cool - thanks for that. He's coming back for another look so will let him have a good look. His stance on the phone was that modern gases are inherently unstable so can just disappear unless the system is run full time, which I wasn't convinced by!!

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    As a qualified Refrigeration engineer I can tell you your man is telling you absolute boll***s, All modern gasses are a mix and because the molicules of the differant gases in the mix are a different size they leak at a differant rate and the gas that is left evaporates at a temperature that the system is not manufacturered to run at.
    Pm me and I will see if I can sort the problem for you over the phone

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    mine has been turned on and off on demand for years no problem except that when its freezing outside it seem to want to warm things rather than cool em

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    Thanks to sikadog - a true gent who spared me time to talk through various options and educate me on how fridges work!! Sadly no further forward as I seem to have lucked into the most incompetent fridge engineer in Surrey but I now have a pretty good idea of what is wrong and will have some more heated discussions with him in due course in order that he either fixes the problem or gives me a refund so I can find someone who can!! Thanks again sikadog :o)

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