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Thread: CZ 6.5x55 American with 8x50 Swarovski scope with Warne mounts

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    CZ 6.5x55 American with 8x50 Swarovski scope with Warne mounts

    For sale as above, its virtualy brand new and has shot less than 50 rounds, the rifle can also be sold on its own. Groups well, and is a good all round stalking rifle.
    New price in Gun Mart is 688 for the rifle. Warne mounts are 68.99 and Swarovski Ret 4 fixed 8x50 is 700. This is a total of 1456.99
    For sale at a used price, complete with scope, 1200 ONO
    Can be sent via RFD.

    Please PM me with any questions as I may not get a chance to check this add for a while and any PM will come strait through to my phone.

    Kindest regards, Olaf
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    This is a Superb piece of equipment. As I said, reasonable offers will be happily received.

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    Hi, the price for this has now been reduced from 1200 to 980 !

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