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Thread: Kennel Suggestions

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    Kennel Suggestions

    I'm looking to get a kennel and run and would welcome any tips or recommendations. I'm looking to kennel 2 GWP bitches seperately - prone to scrap a bit - so am looking for a double unit; a good solid sleeping compartment and a galvanised 6ft run. Any advice on suppliers, price etc would be very welcome.

    I Live in SW Scotland any local suppliers particularly useful.

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    I have a Melton style kennel and run and it is excellent but I have been thinking about changing the actual kennel and using one of the American K9 dog dens. Unfortunately they don't sell direct to the UK and the nearest importer is in Holland so you pay a lot more!

    on looking at the installation video i think I could get a good fabricator to knock one up but is it worth the extra hassle to save a few quid?

    They do look like excellent chew proof kennels

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    I used these guys. I'm in sw Scotland as well & the price included delivery and erection.

    Very happy with service & quality and I think they look good.

    Have a look at mine

    Dont know where youre based but you're more than welcome to come have a look. I'm in Kilmarnock

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    Try Dunragit, they're in SW Scotland , but will delivery anywhere, can't fault them, I've got a fair few kennels of them in the past for keepers. On the last 2 big estates I worked on we replaced all our kennel systems with Dunraggit, about 16 keepers[ so approx 100 dogs!] , with absolutely no complaint, I'd keep well away from anything wooden.

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    The above link is for dunragit

    On the slide show the kennel with the 2 yellow labs and 3 pointers is the last one they did for me about 4yrs ago

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    i bought pre-made dog run sections from Doghealth
    and built my own kenneling as an add on out of 8x4 ply 2 identical runs side by side

    finished product with roof and wood clad sides for visual effects

    just becarefull on width's between the bars as a lab or springer pup can slip between the 8cm bars
    the 5cm are more suitable for pups and will be fine for the adults
    or you could look at the mesh sides and doors

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    Thanks for the input guys. I don't see much info on the Dunraggit site other than the cabins that they do but I do like the look of the kennel block in the slide show, do they do them in doubles? Would prefer to get that style if the price is right. Don't really have the diy ability to knock one up myself - well, I could but the pointers would be bursting out of it in quick time.

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    The dunragit site has changed and doesn't give the same info as before, yes they are modular so you can have 1 to as many as you want.

    I think I might be passing a dunragit kennel some time this week, if I do i'll take some pics and send them to you.

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    Bambislayer, that would be great thanks. Can you recall what kind of money they come in at?

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    Have spoke to the folk at Dunragit; they don't do the modular kennel now only the Maintenance Free Cabins. While they look like good pieces of kit I wondered if anyone had first (or second) hand experience.

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