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Thread: Beretta 687 EELL 28g

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    Beretta 687 EELL 28g

    Beretta 687 EELL 28g O/U with 28" barrels with box and chokes and everything as it should be having fired 300 shots only. Woodwork very nice in original new condition. No marks or scrapes and i believe a 5 month minimum wait for a new one from GMK. For sale at just over 50% of a new one at 3,500.
    GMK - Beretta: 687EELL Gamescene
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    Replied to... look forward to our meeting.

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    Still for sale...

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    It's not looking too good for gun sales at the moment RD my mate just picked up a 687 EELL in 20g with exhibition grade wood for 2.5 k as you can imagine he is delighted with that result .someone will want it around the start of the game season .

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    Aye Norma... There is room still in the cabinet.

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    To clear up a few Q's... This is a REAL 28g with the correct 28g action. It has a Schnabel forend, not the trap type now sold. It has 28" multichoke barells and has now fired 300 cartridges. The woodwork is a Tru-Oil finish and is as good as you get in EELL. Build date 2003.
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    any chance of a picture oif the gun youre selling please
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    Spud Ive never met RD or know him. But I know lads who do and have seen this gun. Its told to be a lovely stunning gun.


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    In reply to a PM from Peeblesman. Yes it is still for sale.

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