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Thread: Asthma

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    Found my self nearly keeling over on the Hill last week! I put it down to being unfit, not getting above -6 and thinking that I was as fit as I was 20yrs ago! [also trying to keep up with a younger member osf staff in deep snow!!!!]

    Any way, I was short of breath all week and finally [under orders from wife] went to Doc this am.

    So Doc says , I'm Asthmatic, not just an ex smokers cough!

    Who else is? and do you use inhalers??

    I must admit, I got a bit of a shock last week and don't like taking medication. I've said to Doc that I would get back to him re inhalers.

    Are there any side affects to inhalers? Doc recomends to use 2 types, cant remember the terminology?

    Should I just man up and take them??

    I was also out for this morning and admit that I was struggling to keep up with myself!!!!!

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    Smoking can cause/aggravate asthma - my brother had it but grew out of it when he cut down significantly... he's still in his thirties though so might be that he'll get it back.

    I still sound like muttley when I laugh and I quit smoking 2 years ago (with the odd relapse!) - I put down my unfitness to being in the office too much for too long, but come to think of it I do struggle when it's cold or dry!


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    I have been using them for years. They work ! Go for it. Best wishes.

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    Blue inhaler is salbutamol brown inhaler clenil modulite my son takes both i will not name him for the legal eagles may be watching. Ive been struggling myself for the last 5 weeks with chest infection and went for xray last thurs and the doc said i may be suffering from asthma i would say take the inhalers as we get older it can only get worse. As for my son chancers are he will grow out of it and by the way ive never smoked so dont think its because your an exsmoker cheers twatem

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    I'm asthmatic and have been since a child though, to be honest, it is very moderate and it is only in the last few years that I'm back on any medication again.

    I find I can walk for miles on the flat but hills just murder me and when I'm unfit and the weather is cold it is a "perfect storm." For some reason cold weather seems to make it worse.

    Although asthma is viewed as a trivial thing that can be treated it can turn quite nasty so it is worth taking the inhalers with you when you are out and about. If you get a nasty bout while on the hill somewhere then you could be in deep trouble all for the sake of carrying the inhaler.

    I know that many people are not keen on medication but it all comes down to a quality of life thing and I always think it is better to take the medication and have a good quality of life now than to avoid it in the hope that you will "work through" the problem only to find that things are getting worse with time rather than better. Medical science isn't perfect, but if it can give you an improvement in quality of life then I'd be one to go for it.

    The only side effects I've noticed with the inhaler I use is that it can give me a very slight shake in the hands. Not ideal when stalking but it's never been a problem either and my experience is that it is very short lived.
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    Cheers, bit the bullet! Going back on Fri to get them!!

    I've been off the fags for 9years but still sound like Muttley!!!!!

    First time ever, I've not been able to keep up on the Hill!!!!!!!!! Those, who know me, will remember how tolerant I am????? So maybe it's Karma, for all those poor clients, coughing up their guts on the side of the hill

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    Don't be a fool and get an inhaler.

    I have a asthma, as does my father and one sister.

    Moving between temperature extremes will cause breathlessness and can stimulate an attack, as can the cold itself.

    Get an inhaler and keep it with you, and if you do not want to do that all the time then at least when you are on the hill. If you find you are struggling to breathe a couple of inhalations from the little blue pump will sort you out. What would you do if you had an attack on the hill when all alone or expect your shooting buddy to drag you out like a stag ??

    The brown version is a steroid for use to strengthen and build up the lung capacity as a regular prescription as opposed to the blue to take when needed..

    Just my 2p

    Cheers + ATVB

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    Ooops................too slow !!!
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    I have asthma and never go anywhere without the blue one, take a puff on brown then blue in morning and same at night, and if needed blue during the day if and when needed. I have lost about a stone over last year and asthma is loads better. I find the more exercise you get and if you can lose a bit weight ( if needed) makes a hell of a difference. Remember asthma can and does take lives every year so dont take the chance.
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    I have suffered from asthma since I was 1 year old and I will be 60 next birthday.
    Treatment has changed over the years and now you dont have to suffer it takes a while to get your inhalers right but when you have them sorted you can do everything that you used to do.
    I had a really bad attack about 16 years ago and the doctors changed my inhalers, I still have the blue Ventolin inhaler but I also have a purple one ( the name escapes me ) but the diferance it has made is unbelievable, my friends now say didnt you used to have asthma.

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