BSA LIGHTNING - This rifle takes the renowned Supersport format to another level, via a features upgrade that adds greatly to its performance in the field. First, the standard barrel is shortened to true carbine length then fitted with BSA’s superb Volumetric silencer. This drastically reduces the Lightning’s muzzle blast while also providing a comfortable cocking grip. Next, the rifle is fitted with a full-specification, Maxi-Grip scope rail, complete with its patented, rubber-mounted, shock-absorption system. With perfect balance, fast handling and total scope security as standard, no wonder the Lightning has become such a favourite with hunters and professional pest controllers worldwide.

Maxi-Grip scope rail - Patented rubber-cushioned, anti-shock sight mounting rail.

Full power action - Internally weighted and powered by a hi-performance mainspring. Each action is calibrated to deliver top performance.

Silencer - Large volume, internally baffled, hi-tech silencer that doubles as a cocking aid.

Carbine barrel - Shortened, to improve balance and handling.

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