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Thread: Dura Coat - has anyone used the DIY kit?

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    Dura Coat - has anyone used the DIY kit?

    Dear all

    I am looking for feedback regarding the the effectiveness of the DIY Dura Coat kits which are now available in the UK.

    I am only looking at coating a Jet Z so only need one colour.

    Has anyone used the DIY job and if so how much is it per can and does it work.

    Info gratefully recieved.


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    I spoke to the chap at Jager sporting arms recently when he was at Bisley, I think he said it was around 100 for a single colour, but there's enough to coat 2 barrelled actions. I think it was less than that to have him do a single barrelled action. I think he commented that it was fairly straightforward to do yourself and no different to him doing it, though careful preparation is key i.e. degreasing etc. I imagine that it'll probably be a lot more cost effective to send him your mod if that's all you need doing. I think the 'kit' is more than just a spray can, hence the cost.

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    I`ve had a couple of stocks done by Jager but recently purchased the single colour DIY kit.This consists of a spray gun,degreaser,a single colour,thinners,hardener & spray cleaner.It also comes with an instruction DVD
    The kit costs around the 100 mark so its not cost effective if you`re just doing one mod.I had four to do and still have more than half the ingredients left.Like any spray job preparation is the key and the Duracoat finish is excellent if done properly
    There was someone on here advertising Duracoat in a spray can a while back but I don`t think that this turned out to be the same quality

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    Got my ear muffs on after the last bout of Duracoat!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trapper
    Got my ear muffs on after the last bout of Duracoat!!
    Yep, me too.
    Here's why if you fancy losing the will to live!
    Deer can only see in black and white anyway. You should be shooting them long before they can see you, or the colour of your rifle!

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    Thanks for the information all.

    Just what I was after. It looks like it would be cheaper for me to send my mod into them to have it done.



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    why don't you buy a tin of duracoat from homebase!
    I would love to see a magnolia JetZ.
    What!!! there not the same..


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    I give all my Barnes rounds a coat of Homebase Duracoat. That way the deer don't see them coming and any wayward ricochets are really hard to find.

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