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    Well the trip went better then could be hoped.
    A few firsts for me.
    I finally saw a live moose, though never shot it we never had a tag for that. A moose was shot and it went back into the tree line and it ws 10pm when we got it to the larder, it had to be skinned immediatley and everyones phone was dead so no photo i'm afraid apart from a very poor shot 1 lad got on his misted up phone which he will email me if it turns out.
    So what was shot.... I got x2 fallow and a boar which I shot in star light on the snow in -19c (another first) i had sat still for over 3 hours waitng for them. The next day was -26c another first (coldest i've been out in).
    So we hunted in extreme circumstances and temps but good prep and clothing allowed us to sit motionless in these temps for many hours.
    My view from the box I could have shot the follower but wanted to wait for a buck.

    Then the phone went and I was asked to shoot an "eater" if there was one.
    Minutes later job done.

    The next day went well with plenty of does and followers seen of both roe and fallow.
    In the evening we had much success 3 of us scoring good bucks me from a box the other 2 on foot.

    Then I went back to the box to wait for the pigs, -19c and 3 hours after dark they came to the bait.
    Only stars and snow I lit the reticule and waited for one to break from the black mass.
    1 did and I took it dropping it on the spot.
    It had been quartering slightly and the bulet smashed the lungs and exited through the liver.

    Here is a shot of me sat in -26c and my breath kept freezing my eye lashes together.

    Just some photos with no story now.

    A moose was also shot but it wasnt recovered till darkness and we dragged it out in -26c it was part frozen as we were, so the photo we took of it has come out really poor if i can tidy it up i will post it later.

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    nice going looks very cold but looks fantastic fun glad you all managed to get some action,atb wayne
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    Looks like you had a great time. The wife has promised to treat me to a trip in the near future.
    ATB 1995rs

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    Well done FINALLY got to see that moose!!

    Good result.


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    Nice one John!

    So what is your recommended clothing/kit list for sitting out in those sorts of temperatures?


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    You've put on a bit of weight......!


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    Quote Originally Posted by csl View Post
    Nice one John!

    So what is your recommended clothing/kit list for sitting out in those sorts of temperatures?

    x3 thin thermal tops 1 quilted shirt, a gillet long johns under quilted bib and brace, pile fleece and a jacket.
    snood and real fur hat.
    pac boots with heat packs above and below toes.
    a muff with hand warmers in side.
    Gloves only if i was touching metal or dragging the muff kept hands warm and ready.
    Reckon i could sit at -20+ for 5 hours.
    Mounting the gun was hardest to get the eye relief due to layers.
    No good for mobile hunting, loose 1/2 the clothes for that but dont stop walking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by merlin View Post
    Well done FINALLY got to see that moose!!

    Good result.


    yes mate and got a mucky barrel as well this time.

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    Sounds like a great trip and thanks for posting up the pics.

    Congrats to all!

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    Nice read bud sounds like it was a good trip.

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