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Thread: Z6i 1st generation - illumination cut off?

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    Z6i 1st generation - illumination cut off?

    Bought a new scope 1st gen Z6i, noticed th 2nd gen has a auto cut off for the illumination. does anyone know if this is new to the 2nd gen only or have I a fault on my 1st gen scope? it is easily knocked when slipping into the case and its eating batteries.
    Tried my dealer but he is still waiting for an answer from Swaro.

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    Yes its new to the 2nd gen scopes, checking its off its something that becomes second nature after you have moved the switch a few times. I always check before the rifle goes in the cabinet especialy if its there a day or two. ATB Steve

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    Not a fault. On Gen 1 if you leave it switched on it stays on. There is "available" a clip that stops you using the switch when not needed but you need to ask for it.


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    There may be variants of the scope then? The instructions that came with my Gen1 version state that the illumination turns off after 3 hours if there is no adjustment of daylight brightness control or 5 hours for night setting. I've never tested it to see what happens if I leave it on, but if yours isn't turning off I'd get it sorted under warranty.

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    i have a gen 1 and the illumination cut off!
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    It says the same in my manual and it does seem to work however like you it manages to be knocked on very regularly so though it appears to switch off after 5 hours if its dark it still runs batteries down reasonably fast

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    Yeah, my gen 1 auto shuts down. Not sure exact times but have gone to cabinet to get it out and switch is on but illumination has turned of. Switch off and back on an works ok so battery not flat. You do get into habit of double checking before putting away tho as the switch is v easy to catch by mistake...

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    Must admit that I haven't left it on for 5 hours to check it. Just never had a hunting occaision where it has timed out.


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    Thanks Gents, found the original info eventually also tested and it does knock off after 5 so will dig deeper and buy a better battery when this one goes.

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