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    Galvanised Trailer

    Conway general purpose trailer internal dimensions 1960mmlong 1220 wide 750 kg capacity with spare wheel and jockey wheel there is a box section/mesh ramp fitted for quad access which was made for me but I also have the standard rear tailgate as well which will be included both sides and front are hinged drop downs but the front is not droppable at moment as I have mounted spare wheel on it.I have had it 5 years and it had new hubs/bearings last year.original floor got damaged and I have replaced it with marine ply,all lights work fine but light mounting plate is bent in towards trailer but i,ll try and straighten it and there is a dunt on the front side where due to frozen hands I was a bit too hard with the throttle on quad and came onto trailer too quick and hit it!It is the model with wheels underneath so it sits higher but I,ve towed quad with it since I got it and its fine and only reason i,m selling it is because i,ve been offered a bigger trailer with space to put deer in behind bike so I can keep back of 90 clearer for dog gear etc as it gets a bit busy in there with 5hinds!Paid over 800 for it so i,m looking for 400
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 15804_4449991241392_1772867886_n.jpg   382944_4449985361245_620181349_n.jpg   301785_4449989681353_476038402_n.jpg   557513_4449981841157_75153532_n.jpg   533730_4449987641302_370403727_n.jpg  

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    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    get pics on tonight if i can get the house IT expert in(my son)to do it for me as im useless wi stuff like that!!!

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    pictures added

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