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Thread: Which scope

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    Which scope

    Right looking for a new (used) scope for my .222 most of my shooting with this gun will be on the range between 100-300, some crow shooting with the odd fox. So not looking to spend a fortune. Thinking more of the lower end price range on short working time at work so moneys tight.
    Any experiences on stuff like hawke endurance, bushnell, mtc, redfield, etc that kind of thing they any good.
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    Mtc from the list but save for a proper scope! I went from an mtc to a schmidt and wow, what a difference!

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    are mtc ok how was yours
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    what about mag, fixed or vari, would a 6x42 be ok for targets from 100-300 mostly 100-200 metres,
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    burris are nice scopes been on my 270 for three years and still going strong i use it for deer and foxing under the lamp. i have a sightron on my 300 win which held up to right on dark against my zeiss bins so well impressed ,atb wayne
    ps lifetime garauntee on sightron
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    I've got a bushnell 3-9 if you fancy that, 85... quite a fine plex type reticle, be good for crows I think..

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    I have a Bushnell Legend 4-12 x40 on my 243 and cant fault it 3 years great service. I also have a Bushnell Banner 3-9 x 50 on my 30-06 again cant fault it its been in use for 5 years both great value. I would not have shot anything more with an expencive scope.

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    ive got an mtc mamba lite on my 17 Rem atm, (mostly because its excellent with NV) as long as you can live with the limitations ie white out then its not a bad scope and certainly good for the money.Put it this way, you wont miss (much) because you are using one.

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    What's white out
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoony View Post
    What's white out
    All you see is white, unless you get the perfect eye position and don't use full magnification, something
    the users of MTC and other various cheap high mag scope know so well.
    If money is limited than stick to a 3-9x40 or 50 from the likes of Nikon or Redfield.
    Nikon I would happily buy second hand, not sure on Redfield, they have not been around
    as long as the cheaper Nikons like the ProStaff range and I have only ever looked through a couple.
    The ProStaff's I have had a few of, still have regularly use 2 of them.


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