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Thread: Out foxing with a mate

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    Out foxing with a mate

    Went out last night with a mate to see if i could get a fox that has been causing problems, and to get my "mojo back" after missing an easy one at 140yds the other night, pulled up at the entrance gate, sorted the rifle etc, opened the gate,my mate took the wheel and i sat in the passenger seat with rifle rest on the door,we pulled through the gate and in doing so i flicked the light round and bingo, a set of eyes at 200yds, they went straight out, stopped the truck, lights out, engine off a bit quick, got the rifle in one hand rested on the rifle rest and the light in the other,sqeaked with my hand and the eyes lit up at probaly 300yds, dimmed the light keeping it just in front of it and it started to come kept sqeaking and it made straight for us getting to about 160yds (at a guess)but still moving, it then hunkered down looking almost straight at me, put cross on its chest and let it have a 58g V-max asprin, as i let rip i saw it move and thought "****, should have waited till it stood up" but not to worry lady luck was with me, my mojo had returned
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    ooh bet that smarts, nice one. I set my 300 win up yesterday and after went out at the other end of the farm and came across one limping along well i can definately say they do not like the 300 much i didnt photograph as there wasnt much left,but you didnt do a bad job on yours either ,atb wayne
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    Where did you hit it mate? well done bud always good to get a good shot after a miss just to get the confidence up

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    well done mate..........if ever need a rest, just let me know and ill take up the missing for you

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    Well, it was almost face on,i could clearly see it's chest which is what i aimed at but it suddenly layed down as i shot, i think i hit it under the chin or between the peepers which i assume is why the V-max did what it did, but to be honest i couldn't see an entry wound due to the damage.
    I have now made up some homeloads for the .270 using 130g Nozlers BT's, just wondering what they'll do, if there'll be enough of a fox to make the bullet setup?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ziggy View Post
    well done mate..........if ever need a rest, just let me know and ill take up the missing for you
    Be my guest mate, it's about time you paid for shooting a deer with my .270 before i'd had a chance to christen it

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    Youll need to post some pics of the outcome of the 130s vs fox

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    hahaha that was a cracking end to a very good and rainy day out heart was racing a lot on that shot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hw60sniper View Post
    Youll need to post some pics of the outcome of the 130s vs fox
    Will do, i did take one using 140g Federal Accubonds at about 190yds, they came with the rifle,whilst it did the job it didn't cause major damage but then that is what Accubonds are for so i'm told

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